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Build frictionless web3 games. At scale Easy for devs, easy for gamers

Designed for games

  • Fast onboarding

    Instant Web3 wallet for your users

  • Mint NFTs with ease

    Create, manage, distribute, and secure your NFTs

  • Build in hours

    APIs & SDKs allow you to build and launch faste


Unity & Unreal SDK & LiveOps integrations

  • unityOnboard players at scale
  • unityMint in-game assets as NFTs
  • unityBuild your own game asset store
  • unityConnect to popular game engines
  • unityIntegrate LiveOps & more

Makes theblockchain invisible

Embed them into existing games instantly, creating wallets in-bulk via API without requiring user action. Fully interoperable with any third-party website or game

Buy, Send & Collect

  • Inventory

    API enabling users to buy, sell, trade, or utilize their assets

  • Digital Assets

    Grant ownership to your users for freedom with their assets. We have both primary and secondary markets for resales

  • Purchases

    Provide your users with an additional purchase option in FIAT, or alternatively, with Crypto


  • API market

    Plug-and-play integrations with the leading marketplace API providers across chains

  • No-code website

    Build your own marketplace with our no-code website builder